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Three Myths About Ladies' Underwear, From Australia's Online Designer & Fashion Briefs Bosses

How much do you know about ladies' underwear? If you're a guy, it's OK if your knowledge on the topic is somewhat limited. If you're a woman, you'll still be forgiven for not having all of the answers because (let's face it) who really does? Furthermore, the underwear game has been changing, and it's been a while since you've purchased a new pair, you may be operating under an old paradigm that doesn't quite match up with today's reality. Never fear, though, the go-to purveyors of ladies briefs online, Australia's very own, Stonemen, are going to bust a few myths that you might still believe about ladies underwear.

Underwear Myths Abound!

Let's test your knowledge. It'll be shocking for those that are in the know, but plenty of people believe some crazy things about ladies' underwear. Did you know some folks still think that:

It's either frumpy or frilly – You know of what we speak. There's a colloquial term that we're almost certain you've heard before. While it's absolutely an acceptable choice if you like the look, it's not everyone's cup of tea. And the flip side? The complicated lace patterns that look like an Art Deco wall design? Again, not knocking anyone's perfectly valid personal style choices, but these are hardly the only options! What if we told you there were plenty of options for form-fitting ladies' briefs that struck a delicate balance? What if we told you that you could get this women's fashion underwear online, in Australia, and have it delivered right to you with no hassle? Keep reading and continue to be amazed.

If it looks good, comfort is not an option – Comfort and fashion are mutually exclusive? Preposterous! The truth is far less bleak. You can get a good pair of underwear that fits well, isn't annoying, and looks dynamite all at the same time. Not convinced? Why not take a look at our selection of ladies' briefs online, then let us know if you still have the same opinion.

If you want a print you're limited to a house cat or some cute image – we've all seen plenty of examples of forlorn kitty-cat eyes staring at us from right in the middle of a pair of underwear. We've also seen plenty of examples of gaudy leopard print that, while perfect for certain occasions, might not be what you want to rock every time you need a break from solid colours. Contrast our line of ladies' designer underwear. It features a range of classy prints, from cityscapes to forest scenes, and serves as a perfect alternative to plain colour panties.

For The Best Ladies' Designer Underwear Anywhere Online, Australia Trusts Stonemen

That's right. We busted those myths a long time ago and are dedicated to providing fashion forward undergarments that appeal to a sophisticated crowd. If you're looking for new ladies' briefs that will add style and comfort to your underwear lineup, feel free to browse our online catalogue and select whatever strikes your fancy.