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Our Underwear Club FAQ's


How do I access my subscription details?
You can access all your details in your account page. Just log in and everything you need to manage your subscription is there. You will find the login link on the lower right hand side on the bottom of any page, or in the top right hand corner.


How do I change, skip, or cancel my order?

Once logged in you will have the option to change, skip a month or cancel easily.


Can I get more than one pair a month?

Yes, you can add to your order in your account login page if it is the same style, or just choose another design on the product page or within the subscription tab. The exact same way your added your first pair.


When are new designs released?

We will be releasing new design every month. If by chance a new design is not released that month you will receive a best seller that you have not received before. If there is a design you would like, let us know by emailing and we will send that design out on your next order.


How do you pick what you send me?

If you choose an Adventure design you will receive the design that is released that month. If that design is not available, you will receive a best seller. For example, you have ordered a women’s design and the new monthly design has only been release in men’s then you will receive a best seller that you have not previously received. If you have chosen a pair from the Essential group you will receive a different colour basic pair than the month before.


What if I don’t want to wait till my next scheduled order date?

You can change you date of delivery in the account login page.


Can I gift the subscription to someone?

Of course. Just put the recipient’s name and address as the delivery address. You can also choose to have a gift bag at a small additional fee and a gift message at the cart page.


Can I skip or freeze my subscription for a month?

Yes, once logged in to your account you can freeze, skip or cancel at any time.


When am I charged for the subscription?

You are charged the day that your next order is dispatched.


Will I know what I’m getting each month.

Yes, you will receive the design of that month.


Will I get a print or colour more than once?

No, it will always be different. If you would like a design you have received before just contact us at


What if I don’t like the design I’ve received?

No problem. Just contact us on and we will replace it with something you like.


What is the delivery time?

Your order will be sent out on the monthly recurring day the order was made. Then within Australia your order will take 3 to 5 days. International orders usually take 5 to 10 days.


How much does shipping cost?

Within Australia it is free if you purchase on a subscription. International shipping will be charged as per our shipping flat rate for that country.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.


If you have another enquiry or you need to speak with one of the team just call between 9am – 5pm AEST on 02 6680 7667 or email us at